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Shop foryves saint laurent bags replica used Yves Saint Laurent outlet handbags and more. Authenticity yves saint laurent bags sale are guaranteed with free shipping from Closet. Always speak directly of Pierre Berge on his Twitter account , wrote directly : " ? . Two movies about YSL I have the moral right on the Yves Saint Laurent brand heritage , and I put these licenses only to Jalil Lespert" . He also publicly praised Pierre Niney 's appearance is very charm with Saint Laurent himself , although more people still think Gaspard Ulliel and Yves Saint Laurent 's appearance closer . And Bertrand Bonello yves saint laurent bags is replied Pierre Berge movie does not need the blessing , because they are completely free to pursue more freedom to express their own ideas ( we all know Pierre Berge always have a strong desire to control ) . "Role Berge , even when Yves Saint Laurent was alive, it is always a " when I came to a spokesman , "the posture ." yves saint laurent bags replica movie directed by screenwriter Thomas Bidegain said in an interview , "Saint Laurent 's life is very complicated , while Berge always want to maintain the kind of legendary live image , which is why he can not stand that we do not consult his opinion about it . "
Today, two films have been turned on, the specific level of the last stretches of what was to wait until after the movie release this year qualified to evaluate . However, for such a big man Yves Saint Laurent , the various categories of information about the image and ultimately his natural . May wish to review before the new movie release and then some, to understand the different filmmakers on how the fashion designer has a different interpretation .
Though Pierre Berge said people have been persuading myself to shoot a Yves Saint Laurent biopic starring , and with sincerity until after Jalil Lespert appear to be considered as made ​​up my mind . But in fact, before that, he had led a similar theme produced a documentary "Crazy Love ." In the background of the movie -Yves 2008 Saint Laurent had just died , and Pierre Berge are ready to years two collections of art public auction . In this documentary , Pierre Berge ramble photographed alone with Yves Saint Laurent acquaintance with the process , this " century auction " because so many years have experienced ups and downs and the determination to hold ( because of fear yves saint laurent outlet injury ) . Although the names are starting to do a documentary "Crazy Love" , but have to say interspersed among the auction preparations often distracting , this relationship is difficult to really identify with . This is also the entanglement between the two and continue on . Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge is met love in Christian Dior 's funeral, and then co-founded the same name from the designer brands . In the sixties and seventies , Yves Saint Laurent shift love others , plus the entire year of pleasure , enormous pressure melodramatic indulgence party atmosphere and daily surge of the sensitive nature of the Yves Saint Laurent mental condition began to crash , between Pierre Berge and also constantly broke recombination . Perhaps simply use the " love" word is not enough to summarize this complex relationship .
Yves Saint Laurent 's most famous documentary is directed by David Teboul, yves saint laurent bags replica sale launch of the "Yves Laurent Laurent: His Life and Times" and "Yves Saint Laurent: 5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris". One is the interview Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Berge and designer mother , friends , staff and other fashion house , and another is preparing a new designer fashion collections of the entire process . Especially the latter shows from sketch to hand sewing and then again and again constantly revised full program , be all fashion designers work on the documentary describes the most detailed one , but just look at the screen instead of the body immersive , unavoidably shooting style but also it is very easy to make people sleepy .
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